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Being part of the renown Wolfe family comes with many expectations… unless you are the only lass to have been born into it for many generations.

Sheltered from the world, Ginny O’Faolain has been raised amongst warriors but denied any opportunity to prove herself worthy of her name. Her mama would rather protect Ginny than allow her a chance to help her people. 
Fed up, Ginny is determined to learn to fight and honor her Wolfe family heritage. Unfortunately, the warrior she is ordered to train with loathes her, and she isn’t fond of the lout, either. 

Keegan Mac Carthaigh is one of the king’s most trusted warriors, loyal, and capable in battle. But when he is commanded to train the most frustrating lass in the entire village, he is not so certain he is up to the task. 

The Wolfe lass is naught but a thorn in his side: stubborn, impulsive, and foul-mouthed. And now, he must spend every day training her to fight, an impossible task and one that may drive him mad. 

But when tempers flare and fire meets fire, an attraction burns brighter than either of them could have ever imagined.

He went from not being able to stand the lass, to suddenly wanting to devour her

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