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He expected a reunion… Instead, he found disaster…

Brennain Mac Grein can have any woman in all Ériu. Unfortunately, the only woman he wants is still in Alba, across the sea. Years of dreaming and wondering if he will ever see her again become a reality when his king orders him to travel to Alba and seek out their enemy. He will do as his king commands... and seek the woman who has consumed his mind in the process. But when he arrives, he is forced to face a distasteful truth.

Morna has loved Brennain for years, but she lost him and any hope of a future with him when he returned to Ériu. When he shows up once again in Alba, she is faced with memories of a love she never forgot. Brennain wants her back but there is only one problem: she's no longer available. Married out of necessity, Morna doesn't care that her husband turned traitor and abandoned her and his daughter. She is glad to be rid of him and plans to dissolve the marriage, but Brennain has other plans… whether she approves or not.

Surrounded by a foreign army and an old enemy from Ériu, war is imminent and Brennain’s loyalty must be to his king, but that will not stop him from having victory both in battle and in love... even if he must risk his honor to achieve it. 

This book is part of the Warriors of Eriu series but can be read in any order. Rated 18+ due to adult content.

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