Jilted and Kilted

In college, I had everything I could ever want: A budding career and the love of my life, Crystal Macintosh. She was my high school sweetheart and my twin sister’s best friend. But one night, a practical joke went bad, and the joke was on me. I lost Crystal that day, and along with her, all I ever wanted. Soon, I had a daughter to raise, but when Grace was diagnosed with autism, her mother took off. I was all alone… until the day Crystal walked into a conference room with the key to my daughter’s success, and the key to my heart. However, convincing her I’m worth a second chance is proving much harder than I ever imagined, and asking her to meet Grace and face the ghosts from our past may be more than either of us are ready for. 

Brent Stevenson broke my heart in college. I never knew why he did what he did, but it took years for me to bury the pain — with bad dates, one-night stands, and my passion for working with kids with autism. Just when all my hard work was about to pay off, I discovered the man who ripped my heart out years ago was now the financial investor of my biggest project. Now, I have to convince him to fund my life’s work, and he isn’t going to make it easy. After being assigned to work with his daughter, in his home, I find myself facing some hard truths. The circumstances that drove us apart aren’t what they seem, I’m still in love with Brent, and… I’m falling in love with his daughter, Grace. The baby that once drove us apart, is now the little girl bringing us together.

"The writing of this story was on point. The pace was steady with just enough action, comedy, drama, seriousness, and romance to keep the story interesting and balanced. I'm looking forward to seeing where their adventures take them next." - Barbelles and Bookworms

A life forgotten
When Gwynneth awakens from a horrible accident without her memory, she is plagued by terrorizing dreams that’s seem too real to ignore. Having no idea who she is or where she belongs, she has no choice but to depend on the man who saved her as small glimpses of her forgotten world continue to plague her.

A love forbidden
Liam Mac Cuill was meant to marry Gwynneth until her father denied him. The night she went missing, he searched for her, never expecting what he found. Now, Liam must protect her from an enemy she cannot remember, even if it means changing her past.

The truth resurfaced
The more Gwynneth discovers, the more she wishes to forget. Her injury was no accident, Liam is not whom he claims to be, and more than one danger stalks her. Though love for Liam draws her near, lies and deceit threaten to destroy them both.

This Celtic historical romance is set in ancient Ireland and full of heat, suspense, and mystery!
This book is rated 18+ due to some adult content.

Raising Grace (Contemporary Romantic Comedy)

The Lone Wolf's Lass: A De Wolfe Pack World Novella

Mary Hamilton is no stranger to scandal. As the former Laird of Drum’s lover, she has been on the receiving end of many dark stares. But when he died in battle, leaving her alone and carrying his unborn child, darkness was all she had left. A woman cannot raise a child alone without scorn, but she would prefer to face the judgment of others than marry to save her reputation.

The need for an advantageous marriage is a burden that Sir William Keith, Laird of Dunnottar and Marischal of Scotland, is all too familiar with. If only every prospective bride did not make him wish to jump off the cliffs surrounding his castle. When an invitation arrives to celebrate the Yule with his Sister at Drum Castle, William is eager to accept and escape the constant reminder of his plight… until the reason for his invitation becomes as apparent as the contempt Mary holds for him.

She needs a husband and a father for her child. He needs a wife and an heir. But a marriage of convenience has never felt less convenient as they seem to fight more than they breathe. However, despite William’s resolve to keep his distance, there is a spark in the darkness that surrounds the lass, one that draws him in- like a moth to a flame. But, just like a fire burning out of control, the heat between them may only burn them both in the end.

Like a Laird to a Flame (Irvines of Drum - Book Two)

She will not be tamed…
Aislin Mac Cecht is not like other lassies. She prefers her bow, connecting with nature, and most importantly, her freedom. Marriage and children would only tie her down. No man could ever possibly accept her as she is, feral and stubborn to a fault, and she refuses to change for anyone, despite her family’s insistence that she settle down.

He would never dream of trying…
Alastar Mac Murray vowed to never get married. He much prefers to spend his nights with as many lassies as possible, living a life of ease and freedom, even if his easy smile and witty banter hide the painful shadows of his past. But when he first sees Aislin in her short hide dress, bow slung over her shoulder as she berates her brother, all his plans change. He will have Aislin Mac Cecht, and taming her is the last thing on his mind.

One reckless wager, the kiss of a lifetime, and an opportunity to secure the lass of his dreams has Alastar proposing a handfast to Aislin. She keeps her freedom and silences her family, and he wins the girl… for only one year and one day. She vows to leave when it’s over. He vows to keep her forever.

Can two people who value freedom over love find happiness in both?

Rated 18+ due to adult content

"This romance is breathtaking, the story spellbinding, and readers will be turning page after page... this is a well-deserved five-star read!" - InD'Tale Magazine

She will not be the unwanted bride…
Ceara has been promised to Garreth Mac Cecht her entire life. Being arranged to marry a man as handsome as Garreth was no hard fate… until the day he makes it known that she means nothing more to him than another responsibility. Ceara has no idea why her mother arranged her marriage so many years ago, but if her mama will not release her from her duty, she will release herself. Ceara refuses to be ignored by her intended husband any longer.

He is not ready to take a wife…
Garreth has been ignoring Ceara determinedly for years. Why chase the one lass he is destined to marry when he can have all the other lassies first? Ignoring her is easier than accepting the truth: he cares for Ceara more than he wants to admit. But pushing her away is the only control he has over his otherwise sealed fate. Now, he has pushed too hard and destroyed any remaining affections she held for him.

Just when he is ready to submit to his feelings for Ceara, she breaks off their agreement completely. He deserves it, fool that he is, but he will not allow it. He will have Ceara back. But convincing her that he is worthy will be quite a task. Fortunately, Garreth is up to the challenge…

This is a Sisters of Danu novella and can be read in any order. Chronologically, it takes place just before book one, Forbidden Fate.
Rated 18+ for some adult content

​Foretold Fate: Sisters of Danu series - book two

The Warrior's Salvation (Warriors of Eriu - Book One)

His black heart hides a broken soul...

If one’s past makes a man, then Juan Alejandro Sanchez is as dark and mysterious as people believe. Cold, fierce, and known as the Beast, the Spanish slave turned pirate harbors secrets that could lead to war. Fortunately, no man is brave enough to uncover the truth… But, one woman is, and she will risk everything, even her own ruin, to expose him.

Her pride masks the scars of her past...

Growing up surrounded by pirates, Kat O’Malley is no lady and fears no man, not even that Spaniard pirate everyone calls the Beast. He may be her brother’s most loyal man, but Kat senses he keeps secrets and will do anything to discover them before he betrays her family.

However, some secrets are better left buried, and when Kat’s desire for the truth finds her aboard Juan’s ship and at his mercy, a much different desire takes root… one more dangerous than they ever imagined.

Nothing about the legend has gone as expected…

After almost twenty years with no word from the gods, the Sisters of Danu have begun to believe their legendary fate has been forgotten. With their children almost grown, the Sisters enjoy their well-earned peace.

But war is imminent and old enemies threaten to upend their peaceful existence. When a druid arrives with a final task from the gods, the Sisters of Danu discover they must go to war and finally fulfill their destiny to save all of Ériu.

Their daughters have different plans...

Having grown up without any evidence that the legend is true, Treasa, Alyson, and Leannan have more important things on their mind than fulfilling destiny and fighting wars…such as handsome lads and love. But when they seek love in all the wrong places, nothing but danger and turmoil follow. 

When love leads to war and war leads to love, can the Sisters of Danu keep their family together and still win the final battle to fulfill their fate? Or will the desire for forbidden love tear them all apart? 

This is book 3 of the Sisters of Danu Series and is best read in order
intended for 18+ due to adult content 

Forgotten Fate: Sisters of Danu- Book Three

She was a wonder of the world, and she was married to his brother.

Book 1 in the NEW "Irvines of Drum" series is now available!

Betrothed to the elderly laird of their enemy, disillusionment and duty are all Elizabeth Keith has ever known. She may never know true love, but her people will finally know peace.

However, when tragedy strikes more than once, and Elizabeth is pawned from laird to laird, unexpected desires for one man threaten to compromise her dutiful existence, forcing her to defy the rules.

As the spare to the heir, Robert Irvine understands his obligation to the clan during these volatile times. But, marrying his brother’s beautiful widow is more than he bargained for, and nothing he is prepared for. When all he never wanted becomes all he ever needed, Robert suddenly stands to lose it all.

When war is a constant threat, and a marriage to Elizabeth is the key to peace, Robert will do all he can to secure both, until he discovers she has done something that may destroy them both.

Irvines of Drum
Book 1 - For Love of a Laird
Book 2 - Like a Laird to a Flame
Book 3 - Maid for the Knight​

The Warrior's Mission (Warriors of Eriu - Book Three)

​She is determined to be his wife…

All her life, Brianna Ó Mathúna vowed to one day marry her childhood companion, Robert O’Faolain. The eldest of the Wolf Brothers, Robert is strong, handsome, and all she could ever want in a husband. After years of waiting for an offer of marriage, she finally receives one… from the wrong brother. Living in poverty, her dying father implores her to accept the offer. Letting go of her dream, Brianna marries Ferghus knowing she may love him someday, but can she ever stop loving Robert?

He must choose between his brother and the woman he loves…

After years of avoiding his feelings, Robert must face the truth: he is desperately in love with Brianna. Unfortunately, she is now his brother’s wife. Known as the Wolf Brothers, the two men have been inseparable their entire lives, and Ferghus means everything to Robert… but so does Brianna. By the time he is ready to settle down and marry her, Ferghus has already made his intention to wed the lass known. How can Robert ask for Brianna’s hand, without crushing his brother’s heart? When Ferghus offers for Brianna, Robert is forced to hide his love for his own brother’s wife, cursing himself for waiting too long.

But when the worst loss of his life also brings him a second chance at love, can Robert push past his grief and accept the last wish of his brother, or will his loyalty to Ferghus’s memory push him further away from all he ever wanted: a chance to finally make Brianna his wife?

Part of the De Wolfe Pack Kindle World

Torn between duty and dreams….

Born of Irish pirates but raised to be an English Knight, Thomas Esmonde is a man stuck between two opposing worlds. His lingering Irish accent never afforded him many friends at the English court, nor has he ever wished to conform to their overbearing rules and stuffy societal expectations. Reoccurring dreams of ancient treasure and a yearning for life on the high sea are at odds with his hard-earned honor and knightly duties.

But when he is sent to Ireland to aid the English cause, he is immediately thrust into his previous life as his ship is captured by the infamous Pirate Queen of Ireland, his grandmother. Faced with the temptations of gold, adventure, women, and plunder, his loyalties are split between his family and his queen… then split further when he captures his enemy’s beautiful, yet mischievous daughter.

Longing for freedom and adventure…

With her mother dead and her father fighting the Irish rebels, Katherine Bingham is often left lonely and unattended, spending her days watching the pirates of Clew Bay from afar and dreaming of adventure. Born an English lady but raised on Irish soil, she wishes to aid the people she considers her own, even daring to steal from the pirates to do so… until the night she is caught by the most handsome, yet frightening pirate she has ever seen.

Born to be enemies, Katherine and Thomas cannot deny the attraction and deeper connection pulling them together as they discover their shared goal: Freedom for Ireland. But, to keep Katherine for himself, Thomas will have to defy his queen, his family, and his country. One act of revenge led him to the love of his life, but can he keep her without losing his honor, or his head?

Being part of the renown Wolfe family comes with many expectations… unless you are the only lass to have been born into it for many generations.

Sheltered from the world, Ginny O’Faolain has been raised amongst warriors but denied any opportunity to prove herself worthy of her name. Her mama would rather protect Ginny than allow her a chance to help her people. 
Fed up, Ginny is determined to learn to fight and honor her Wolfe family heritage. Unfortunately, the warrior she is ordered to train with loathes her, and she isn’t fond of the lout, either. 

Keegan Mac Carthaigh is one of the king’s most trusted warriors, loyal, and capable in battle. But when he is commanded to train the most frustrating lass in the entire village, he is not so certain he is up to the task. 

The Wolfe lass is naught but a thorn in his side: stubborn, impulsive, and foul-mouthed. And now, he must spend every day training her to fight, an impossible task and one that may drive him mad. 

But when tempers flare and fire meets fire, an attraction burns brighter than either of them could have ever imagined.

He went from not being able to stand the lass to suddenly wanting to devour her.

The Last Wolfe Lass (A De Wolfe Pack Novella)

Plunder by Knight (Pirates of Britannia- book Seven)

Abandoned as a wee bairn and lovingly raised by the Keiths, Matilda has spent her entire life pondering her identity. When the truth proves more sinister than expected, she is desperate to hide her shameful secret despite the missives that continue to arrive, threatening both Matilda and her kin. Even death is preferable to losing the trust of those she loves, for surely, the Keiths and Irvines will disown her if they discover their enemy’s blood runs through her veins.

Preferring the life of a traveling knight, Reginald Irvine lives for the moment, never focusing on tomorrow. When ordered to discover the contents of Matilda’s mysterious missives, Reginald relishes the task. He will charm the truth out of the lovely lass, then be off on his next journey. But when Matilda pushes him away and finds herself in danger, Reginald determines to protect her at all costs, even if the cost is losing his life… or his heart.

Tired of the threats, Matilda takes matters into her own hands, and Reginald gladly follows. If their plan succeeds, they will save hundreds of lives. If they fail, they have more to lose than just their heads.

Maid for the Knight (Irvines of Drum - Book Three)

Forbidden Fate: Sisters of Danu series - book one

For Love of a Laird (Irvines of Drum - Book One)

Forsworn Fate: Sisters of Danu Series - A Novella

Beast of the Bay (A Pirates of Britannia Novel)

She will not give in…

When her mother passes away, Una must rely on the protection of her foster-brother, Brocc Mac Greine. Mayhap it would not be so bad if she had not so recently turned down his offer of marriage… again. Brocc offers to take Una in as his ward, but it doesn’t take long for Una to discover that he has no intention of giving up his pursuit to marry her. With Brocc’s reputation with the other lassies of the village, she decides a future with him could only lead to heartache. No good can come from loving a man like Brocc Mac Greine. No good at all…

He will not be denied…

Brocc used to pull Una’s hair and tease her for her gangly, awkward legs. But there is nothing gangly or awkward about the woman Una has become. And there is nothing brotherly about the feelings he has for his foster-sister. All Brocc wants is to make Una his, but with her repeated refusals, his only option is to offer his protection. But, the attraction between him and Una is slowly driving him mad and the lass continues to refuse his advances while occupying his home… and his every thought.

But, when Brocc comes face to face with two women who look identical to Una, his world is turned upside down. They claim to be in search of their missing sister and that his love for Una is foretold by an ancient legend. Brocc agrees to lead them to her on one condition: he wants to earn Una’s love on his own, without the aid of her sisters or knowledge of the legend.
Convincing Una they are meant to be may just be the greatest challenge of his life, but Brocc is determined to make his ward his wife.

Celtic Historical Romance rated 18+

The Warrior's reunion (Warriors of Eriu - Book Four)

****2019 InD’Tale Magazine RONE Award Finalist****

Growing up under the threat of constant attack, Flynn knows that remaining vigilant is the only way to survive. When one enemy falls, another rises. As his king’s best informant, his days are spent traveling in dangerous territory. His life is one of duty. There is no time for women or love, even if a particularly bonny healer continues to catch his eye.

Growing up surrounded by violent men, Maggie fears them all. Though a talented healer, being around the warriors of the village terrifies her, making her duties more than difficult. Only Flynn Mac Greine has ever made her question her fears, but no matter what, she must avoid him… even if he is the first man to make her feel something more. He is still a warrior, and therefore prone to violence.

But, when word arrives that Flynn is mortally wounded and stranded alone in the woods, Maggie must face her fears and risk all to save him, but he may not be the only one to be saved.

"The pacing is engaging, the main characters are well-thought out and likable, and the ending is powerful! There is a hint of mysticism in the Celtic origins of this tale, which adds interest and intrigue. This is an original story with wonderful characters!" - InD'Tale Magazine

Rated 18+ due to adult content

The Warrior's Wager (Warriors of Eriu - Book Two)

Jeoffrey has had enough of women. When his intended wife Clarice ran off with his cousin, he was left to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart. Now years later, after fighting a long war and finally earning a new start to life, all he wants is a little farm and his solitude. But when the one woman he never expected, or wanted, to ever see again suddenly shows up battered and carrying a small child in her arms, Jeoffrey has no choice but to take her into his home. But as soon as Clarice is healed, Jeoffrey is determined to be rid of them both. Forever.

Faced with a forced marriage to an abusive man, Clarice flees to save her and her son’s lives. When she finally arrives at a new village, desperate for help, Jeoffrey is the last man she ever thought to find there. Injuries have left her helpless and reliant upon Jeoffrey’s goodwill. If only he did not despise her. Clarice never expected to see Jeoffrey again and, though her heart never forgot him, he wishes to forget her. 

All Jeoffrey wants is his freedom. All Clarice wants is a second chance. Will Clarice’s sudden arrival unravel all of Jeoffrey’s carefully laid plans for a life of solitude? Or will she turn out to be his only salvation? 

Celtic Romance rated 18+ due to some adult content

He expected a reunion… Instead, he found disaster…
He expected a reunion. Instead, he found disaster.

Brennain Mac Greine can have any woman in all Ériu. Unfortunately, the only woman he wants is still in Alba, across the sea. Years of dreaming and wondering if he will ever see her again become a reality when his king orders him to travel to Alba and seek out their enemy. He will do as his king commands... and seek the woman who has consumed his mind in the process. But when he arrives, he is forced to face a distasteful truth.

Morna has loved Brennain for years, but she lost him and any hope of a future with him when he returned to Ériu. When he shows up once again in Alba, she is faced with memories of a love she never forgot. Brennain wants her back but there is only one problem: she's no longer available. Married out of necessity, Morna doesn't care that her husband turned traitor and abandoned her and his daughter. She is glad to be rid of him and plans to dissolve the marriage, but Brennain has other plans… whether she approves or not.

Surrounded by a foreign army and an old enemy from Ériu, war is imminent and Brennain’s loyalty must be to his king, but that will not stop him from having victory both in battle and in love... even if he must risk his honor to achieve it. 

This book is part of the Warriors of Eriu series but can be read in any order. Rated 18+ due to adult content.

Freedom is all Ruby ever wanted, and the one thing she cannot have. But a truly adventurous spirit cannot be stifled by the stuffy norms of the aristocracy.

Descending from a long line of English privateers, the need for adventure flows through Ruby Berry’s veins. Unfortunately, her parents have other plans for her future. Betrothed to the stodgy Vice-Admiral of the Queen’s Navy, Ruby is destined for a life of obedience… until the day Callum Campbell walks through her door and captures her interest, and maybe even her heart.

Noble born and bred, Callum Campbell is the laird of his clan by day and a devilish pirate by night. Loyal to the house of Stuart, he prefers to make his own rules as captain of his ship, plundering both treasure and women as he pleases- even if it marks him as an enemy to the queen. When business takes him to the coast of Cornwall, Callum discovers the greatest treasure of all, one he is unable to resist, but she is arranged to marry his greatest enemy.

Ruby is desperate for one last escape before her wedding, and Callum is never short of schemes. But will he be able to give her up once their adventure on the high seas comes to an end?

A steamy pirate novella that is sure to be an adventure!