In college, I had everything I could ever want: A budding career and the love of my life, Crystal Macintosh. She was my high school sweetheart and my twin sister’s best friend. But one night, a practical joke went bad, and the joke was on me. I lost Crystal that day, and along with her, all I ever wanted. Soon, I had a daughter to raise, but when Grace was diagnosed with autism, her mother took off. I was all alone… until the day Crystal walked into a conference room with the key to my daughter’s success, and the key to my heart. However, convincing her I’m worth a second chance is proving much harder than I ever imagined, and asking her to meet Grace and face the ghosts from our past may be more than either of us are ready for. 

Brent Stevenson broke my heart in college. I never knew why he did what he did, but it took years for me to bury the pain — with bad dates, one-night stands, and my passion for working with kids with autism. Just when all my hard work was about to pay off, I discovered the man who ripped my heart out years ago was now the financial investor of my biggest project. Now, I have to convince him to fund my life’s work, and he isn’t going to make it easy. After being assigned to work with his daughter, in his home, I find myself facing some hard truths. The circumstances that drove us apart aren’t what they seem, I’m still in love with Brent, and… I’m falling in love with his daughter, Grace. The baby that once drove us apart, is now the little girl bringing us together.

Raising Grace: Baby on Board Series - Book One

Tempting Forever: Baby on Board Series - Book Two

Fresh out of a disastrous relationship, Monica Stevenson is ready to sow her wild oats and focus on her career as a chef in the city. With her twin brother marrying her best friend, love is in the air, but Monica wants nothing to do with that. However, her brother’s best friend may serve as a fun distraction for one night. Knowing he is off-limits only makes the forbidden fruit harder to resist.

As a member of high society and a business mogul, Christopher Farrington IV holds himself to the highest standards. His career consumes his world, and there is no time for love or relationships. Infrequent dates with fortune seekers to keep his mother happy are his only distraction, until the night Monica Stevenson, his best friend's fiery hot twin sister, tempts him into making the first uncalculated decision of his life.

But one night of passion turns both their worlds upside down when the consequences prove permanent. Neither of them is ready for a baby, and certainly not for the fallout. Tempers flare, passions burn, and emotions sizzle as Monica and Chris fight to gain the higher ground. But the more they fight, the further they may fall.

The line between love and hate is thin, and one wrong step could send them plummeting in either direction. But no matter which way they fall, their reality remains the same: a baby is on the way, and neither of them is prepared.

A steamy contemporary romance! This title is rated 18+ due to adult content