​​She is determined to be his wife…

All her life, Brianna Ó Mathúna vowed to one day marry her childhood companion, Robert O’Faolain. The eldest of the Wolf Brothers, Robert is strong, handsome, and all she could ever want in a husband. After years of waiting for an offer of marriage, she finally receives one… from the wrong brother. Living in poverty, her dying father implores her to accept the offer. Letting go of her dream, Brianna marries Ferghus knowing she may love him someday, but can she ever stop loving Robert?

He must choose between his brother and the woman he loves…

After years of avoiding his feelings, Robert must face the truth: he is desperately in love with Brianna. Unfortunately, she is now his brother’s wife. Known as the Wolf Brothers, the two men have been inseparable their entire lives, and Ferghus means everything to Robert… but so does Brianna. By the time he is ready to settle down and marry her, Ferghus has already made his intention to wed the lass known. How can Robert ask for Brianna’s hand, without crushing his brother’s heart? When Ferghus offers for Brianna, Robert is forced to hide his love for his own brother’s wife, cursing himself for waiting too long.

But when the worst loss of his life also brings him a second chance at love, can Robert push past his grief and accept the last wish of his brother, or will his loyalty to Ferghus’s memory push him further away from all he ever wanted: a chance to finally make Brianna his wife?

Sheltered from the world, Ginny O’Faolain has been raised amongst warriors but denied any opportunity to prove herself worthy of her name. Her mama would rather protect Ginny than allow her a chance to help her people.
Fed up, Ginny is determined to learn to fight and honor her Wolfe family heritage. Unfortunately, the warrior she is ordered to train with loathes her, and she isn’t fond of the lout, either.

Keegan Mac Carthaigh is one of the king’s most trusted warriors, loyal, and capable in battle. But when he is commanded to train the most frustrating lass in the entire village, he is not so certain he is up to the task.

The Wolfe lass is naught but a thorn in his side: stubborn, impulsive, and foul-mouthed. And now, he must spend every day training her to fight, an impossible task and one that may drive him mad.

But when tempers flare and fire meets fire, an attraction burns brighter than either of them could have ever imagined.

The Last Wolfe Lass: A De Wolfe Pack Series Novella

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