*A magnet book is a short book, usually a novella, created by an author for readers to download for free as a sample of their writing style. I hope you enjoy this fun, steamy pirate tale - a gift from me to you!

Jilted and Kilted: A standalone novella/*magnet book

Freedom is all Ruby ever wanted, and the one thing she cannot have. But a truly adventurous spirit cannot be stifled by the stuffy norms of the aristocracy.

Descending from a long line of English privateers, the need for adventure flows through Ruby Berry’s veins. Unfortunately, her parents have other plans for her future. Betrothed to the stodgy Vice-Admiral of the Queen’s Navy, Ruby is destined for a life of obedience… until the day Callum Campbell walks through her door and captures her interest, and maybe even her heart.

Noble born and bred, Callum Campbell is the laird of his clan by day and a devilish pirate by night. Loyal to the house of Stuart, he prefers to make his own rules as captain of his ship, plundering both treasure and women as he pleases- even if it marks him as an enemy to the queen. When business takes him to the coast of Cornwall, Callum discovers the greatest treasure of all, one he is unable to resist, but she is arranged to marry his greatest enemy.

Ruby is desperate for one last escape before her wedding, and Callum is never short of schemes. But will he be able to give her up once their adventure on the high seas comes to an end?

A steamy pirate novella that is sure to be an adventure!